Emergency & Maintenance Pumbing

Emergency and Maintenance PlumbingPlumbing problem’s are an everyday occurrence for Melbournian householders. In a plumbing emergency we understand that you need our immediate response. We are here to respond to your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Its critical in an emergency situation that we immediately eliminate the risk of any person being injured or property/items being damaged. Once we have made the site safe and isolated the problem we can then determine the best way to go about fixing it. These emergency issues could include-

  • Blocked Drains – Sinks, basins, showers not draining, toilet blocked and overflowing when flushed, sewerage seeping out of external drains.
  • Burst Water Pipe – An old pipe has burst or been damaged accidently
  • Burst Hot Water Unit – Old cylinder in existing hot water service has burst and needs replacing
  • Gas leak – The smell gas is present or gas pipe has been hit and damaged causing it to leak
  • No Water pressure – you have noticed your cold water and hot water pressure reducing over the years and you have brown dirty water coming out of your cold water taps or you simply may have reduced water pressure at one particular fixture in your house.
  • Blocked Stormwater drains – You have noticed your gutters overflowing and not draining away or you have noticed that your pits &external trench grates are full of water and overflowing. You also may have noticed the water overflowing where your downpipe connects in to your in ground stormwater drainage.