Environmental Plumbing

At present, we are encountering countless environmental problems like climate change, water shortage, depletion of resources, and pollution. Unless we do something to alleviate our current situation, these problems may continue to escalate to the point that our solutions may no longer suffice.

As individuals, there are so many ways we can contribute positively to the environment. Personal efforts include a change in lifestyle, which includes conserving energy and water and lessening waste. For better and more sustainable solutions, we can adopt green plumbing solutions in our homes to reduce energy costs, save water and have a better quality of life for you and your family.

Initially, these green plumbing home adjustments may cost you more than traditional plumbing solutions. However, the countless benefits of green plumbing will save you money in the long run.

Benefits of environmentally friendly plumbing services

Here are some of the ways green plumbing can help the environment:

  • Green plumbing reduces energy costs.

Plumbing solutions like insulating your pipes to ensure that you use less gas and electricity are good ways to save energy. When hot water travels through uninsulated pipes, it loses some of its heat. This can result to increase in energy costs. One solution that can greatly improve the quality of your hot water is insulating your pipes. Insulated pipes prevent heat loss and enable you to save on energy costs while maintaining and even increasing the water temperature.

You can also install an energy efficient water heater to further save on energy costs. Some new energy efficient water heaters have the capacity to use half the energy used by standard water heaters. Since they are also well-insulated and take less time to heat water, you can be sure that it is a cost-effective and energy saving solution worth investing on.

  • Green plumbing reduces water usage.

Aside from lowering your water consumption in general, like turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth and reducing your shower time, there are a number of ways that you can significantly lower the amount of water that you use on a daily basis. Installing energy efficient fixtures allows you to cut down your water usage. Using standard shower heads and faucets makes you waste litres of water with every use. According to a research by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the use of standard shower heads has a 30 percent waste level. Fixtures like low-flow showers, faucets, flow regulators, and low-flush toilets enable you to save half of what you normally use with normal shower heads and faucets.

  • Green plumbing improves the quality of your water

Unfiltered tap water contains contaminants that may be harmful to your health. Ingestion of contaminants like fluoride and toxic metals may lead to a number of diseases. One of the best solutions to ensure clean water is through the installation of a whole house filtration system. The use of a whole house filtration system can provide safe, clean and odourless water by removing contaminants such as sediments, fluoride, chlorine, and heavy metals. Some of the benefits of a whole house filtration system include better and healthier showers, better skin health and softened water coming from all the water sources in your home.

You can also use carbon filtration and reverse osmosis systems to improve the quality of your water. Carbon filtration is a method of filtering that uses chemical adsorption to remove impurities while reverse osmosis is a process which uses a semipermeable membrane to remove large particles, ions, and molecules from water. Both methods help purify water and remove a wide range of contaminants that are harmful to your health. By drinking and using filtered water, you improve your health and quality of life.

You can make a positive change in the environment by starting in your own homes. These green plumbing solutions are easy and sure ways to help the environment. Green plumbing can help you save significant amounts of water and reduce energy usage while improving your quality of life.